CData DBAmp Winter 2024 Release is here!

  • 10 January 2024
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🚀 Exciting News from the DBAmp Team! The CData DBAmp Winter 2024 Release is here, bringing groundbreaking enhancements to your experience!  

🔍 What's New? 

  • Significantly improved OpenQuery Performance: We've optimized the TDS daemon process, ensuring a 50% boost in efficiency for OpenQuery operations! 📈 

  • Refined internal operations: With smarter processing of SMP request packets and timely SMP scheduling thread notifications, say goodbye to waiting times. ⏱️ 

  • Enhanced system alignment: The execution times in SSMS are now closely synced with the Salesforce driver method. 🔄 

💡 Why This Matters? 

  • Experience unparalleled efficiency and reliability with CData DBAmp.  

  • Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction shines through in every update.  

👉 Don't miss out on the latest advancements that CData DBAmp has to offer. Download the newest version and take advantage of a free trial today. Your feedback is what drives our innovation – be a part of our community and share your experiences! 

🔗 Check out our full blog for more details and join the journey towards continuous improvement with CData DBAmp: here.

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1 reply

Why do DBAmp config settings default to salesforce API Version 53? I just downloaded and installed the latest DBAmp onto a brand new server, and in Configuration > Settings, the “API Version” is set to “53.0”. Currently Salesforce is on v59 (Winter ‘24) or v60 (Spring ‘24).