Data transport when using DBAmp remotely

  • 7 December 2023
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If we configure DBAmp to use a remote server (e.g. Azure managed SQL), does all data flow through the server where DBAmp is installed?  And if so, what is the transport-layer security between the DBAmp-server and the remote server?


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If you are not using the bulkapi, then data is pulled from the linked server set up on the DBAmp-server, and pushed directly to the remote server - it never rests on the DBAmp-server. For the bulkapi, as with non-remote usage of DBAmp, the data is first pulled into temporary CSV files in the DBAmp Work Directory on the DBAmp-server, but then the data is pushed from there directly into the remote server, and the temporary files are subsequently cleaned up.


The connection between the DBAmp-server and the remote server works through TLS 1.2.