DBAmp 2022 Fails to Update License if not installed on C: Drive (with workaround)

  • 17 August 2023
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My DBAMP version is 22.0.8354.0

I have DMAMP installed on a non OS Drive.   

M:\Program Files\Cdata\CData DBAmp

Trying to upgrade the license using the Config Utility.  Help → Licensing ->Update License

Getting following error.



The keys.reg file does not exist on my installation.


Work Around


Create the folder + File the error was complaining about. It can be an empty text file.

“c:\CData\CData DBAmp\keys.reg”

Re-Run the Update License command and seems to work fine now.




Is this fixed in a later version of dbamp?  I am aware I dont have the most recent “patch”.


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2 replies

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Additional Issue on our PROD Servers


Trying to upgrade the license using the Config Utility.  Help → Licensing ->Update Licence

I was getting an network connection timeout error from the License Update. 

I was able to copy the license registry file “keys.reg” from one of our other servers that was successfull, and just execute that file (updates the registry).  This updated the license.



This actually did not work, as I get an error back when running a query claiming the license wasnt activitated. I had to re-run the old “keys.reg” to correct it, and for me, these were the only servers with keys.reg (i dont remember why)

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This is fixed in a later version of DBAmp! You can also get around it by generating a keys.reg file for that computer (they are not translatable directly across machines).


That is also what you will need to do on your Prod servers. If you go to this website (even on another machine, for the one that is more locked down): and put in your information there (you will need the Node ID of the machine you are attempting to update using the tool provided on that page, as well as your serial number for the Product Key), then you can download a Registry file that you can run/move to that server to install the licensing information. Once that's done, DBAmp will recognize that the new serial number.