DBAMP Patches and Hotfix Plans

  • 6 June 2023
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Is there a patch / hotfix official release schedule for DBAMP? There must be some fixes since the official V2022 release.  I did get some Hotfix patches but was wondering if I am to expect an official 2023 or 2022.1 release.


I currently have to restart the windows service each night to prevent crashes.


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Thank you for reaching out. The website is typically updated with new builds 4-6 times per year, with one of these updates being a new major version. The next update will be the v23 major version update, which is scheduled to come out at the end of this month. Regarding crashes/performance issues, however, there have recently been some changes to the Daemon that should resolve these issues. Please find the latest build, which contains these changes, below.

If the issue persists, however, it would be helpful to get logging so we can look into this issue further. Please reach out to the support team ( for further assistance on this.