Installing Dbamp Remotely

  • 11 October 2023
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Hi Everyone,

I have a scenario to use Azure Managed SQL Instances and these are not supported for DBAmp because they do not allow the installation of 3rd-party linked servers on the Instance. So I am trying to install dbamp remotely - DBAmp - Running DBAmp Remotely (

Client have created 2 servers one where data will be stored - dbSever

Two where dbamp will be configured as linked server - dbampServer

Data Scenario - Data will be storing in Ddrive so I am using SSIS to push the data into SQL server I have created package and deploying that package to both dbserver and dbamp Server

So my question is in the article it says to create remote database  “Salesforce Backups” in remote server instance to hold the salesforce data but can’t we store the same data in dbamp server? Is there any security concern or limitation if we store Salesforce data in dbamp server?



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If anyone of you already installed dbamp remotely please feel free to reach out to me here -- we can discuss clearly 

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You certainly can store the data in the dbampServer without issues (unless you have your own internal issues with that!). What you are describing doesn’t actually make use of the DBAmp remote feature however, though it is a perfectly viable way to get the data to the system you want!


The page you linked is specifically for those situation where someone does not want the data to ever live in the server local to DBAmp (the one you call dbampServer). If you are fine with it sitting there as well, you can certainly use SSIS to push it to an Azure Managed SQL Instance, but that doesn’t require DBAmp’s remote feature.