New standard fields not showing up

  • 30 March 2023
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Salesforce added a couple new fields to the Contact and Lead objects, GenderIdentity and Pronouns. I can find them in Data Loader and in Workbench, but DBAmp is not bringing them down. How do I get DBAmp to find those new fields?


I have DBAmp v22, if that makes a difference.


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The version of DBAmp does actually make a big difference here! Those fields are brand new with Salesforce API v57.0, and prior versions of DBAmp have a fixed API version they access, with the latest being API v53.0. However, since you have the most recent version of DBAmp (DBAmp v22) you can set the API version that is used by going to the DBAmp Configuration Program and opening the Settings dialog. The API Version parameter can be found in the Properties section. Set that to 57.0 and you will be using Salesforce API v57.0.

Salesforce support does say that if you have enabled field-level security for the fields, they may not be available immediately in the API but should appear shortly thereafter. In my experience, those fields were set to be not visible by default, so I had to make sure my integration user had permission to view those fields. As with all versions of DBAmp, the integration user must have permission to view a field in order to query it, or bring it down via any of the stored procedures.

Once you confirm those permissions and change that setting, you will want to restart the daemon service to make sure that the new metadata is picked up by the driver. After that, you should be good to go!