SF_Refresh tells me that I've exceeded ID limit

  • 30 March 2023
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When I run SF_Refresh on one of my tables, I get the error "EXCEEDED_ID_LIMIT: there are '600000' or more records deleted in the specified time period" and it won’t complete. How can I run SF_Refresh on that table?


Best answer by Dani Moran 30 March 2023, 19:28

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1 reply

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EXCEEDED_ID_LIMIT is an error from Salesforce - they have a limit on how many deleted IDs can be retrieved. So when SF_Refresh goes to pick up all the records that have been deleted since it last ran, it can run into that problem if over 600000 records were deleted. To get around that, you will need to make a Full Copy instead of a Delta Copy, but just the once! You can do that by running SF_Replicate once to pick up those , then you can go back to your usual schedule.