Cdata: PowerBI + Sage Intacct Performance

  • 23 January 2024
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Two pronged question.


  1. What’s typical performance that should be expected with Cdata’s Sage Intacct / Power BI connector? [I’m getting about 250k rows loaded from a large data set in an hour]
  2. Are there any tricks / tips to enable faster load times for large data sets?

    If I want to say download the GL-Detail table from Sage intacct, waiting 4+ hours to get the information is sometimes a hard ask.

Thanks in advance!


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4 replies

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Hi @taranr_sockeye,


A support ticket has been initiated through, and the case is currently under investigation and being addressed.

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Sweet, can you share here when the investigation is concluded?

Also, still curious for the larger community what sort of numbers they’re seeing?

I use automatic refresh in Power BI because mine takes awhile. I even split up my query in to two parts based on the modified date and then merge them in Power BI. This allows me to refresh a smaller portion of the GL Detail table every day. However, I’ve been trying to update the “static” query since yesterday and it just gets stuck on “evaluating” for hours and eventually errors out. 

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Thought I’d share my results at the end of my research:

Cdata Sage Intacct Power BI connector, testing on querying a Gldetail of 1.5 M rows.
- 150-250k rows per hour

- Limiting the number of columns from 92 to 50 did not speed up performance (was within the range).

I believe the speed is likely due to the time of day and traffic on Intacct’s side, but that’s unclear.