CRMA to Excel Compatible?

  • 1 November 2023
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The inquiry is as outlined in the title: I am looking to establish a setup enabling the modification of dashboards and lenses within CRM Analytics directly from an Excel worksheet, ideally facilitating a live two-way connection. If this solution is exclusive to Tableau, I will continue my search. Any recommendations on alternative solutions or platforms to explore would be greatly appreciated!


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Hi Adon, thank you for joining us at the CData Community!

If your goal is to connect Tableau CRM Analytics data with Excel and to create a bi-directional connection, then that can be accomplished with the CData Tableau CRM Analytics Excel add-in, which you can find here:

While the Excel add-in does not support a true “live” connection in the manner that you’ve described, it supports the configuration of automatic data refresh to ensure that you’re always working with up to date data. Please refer to the documentation here for more information on that:

Automatic Refresh with the Excel add-in

And finally, you can read about the various Lens’s and datasets that the add-in supports in the data model section of the documentation here:

Data Model of the Excel add-in

I hope that this satisfies your use case! If you have any more detailed technical questions, then I’d highly recommend reaching out to our support team at for help.