"Error downloading license: Connection reset" - while installing the CData JDBC driver on linux machine?

  • 8 May 2023
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We are getting the error message when we tried to install the JDBC on Linux machine.


Downloading license data...
Error downloading license: Connection reset


We were given the linux setup link to download the file, after downloading we are not being able to install the JDBC driver on Linux Machine.

we are using-  “java -jar cdata.jdbc.xero.jar -license” command from linux terminal to install the driver.

Please suggest.



Best answer by Brooks E 8 May 2023, 20:13

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That error typically occurs when there is something on your network blocking the installer's connection with our licensing server, which causes the license generation to fail with the error you are facing. 

For note, the -license call of note here is not 'installing' the JDBC Driver for Xero, it is only generating the relevant cdata.jdbc.xero.lic license file to place next to the cdata.jdbc.xero.jar file. The relevant driver files are already installed and available as long as you have added the cdata.jdbc.xero.jar file to your system and have access to it. 

To resolve this, you will need to have a license manually generated for you which will need to be renamed cdata.jdbc.xero.lic, and then placed next to the cdata.jdbc.xero.jar file on your system. 

To take care of this, please reach out to us at so that we can assist with getting the relevant license file generated and sent your way. 

To help you generate the relevant license file, we will need the Node ID of the relevant machine, and either the Product Key you wish to use or the knowledge that this should be a trial license. 

To get the Node ID, please run the command below using the relevant JAR file you are using to run the -license command: 

java -jar cdata.jdbc.xero.jar -nodeid 

Once you have the Node ID, you can contact us at and we can further assist in that process.