Experience with SAP Data Lake Relational Engine ?

  • 24 April 2024
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i have an account a free SAP HANA Cloud.

While i have no difficulties connecting to the SAP HANA DB itself by using severall Drivers and applications i haven’t found a solution for etablishing a connection two the SAP HANA DB Data lake to use the Data Lake relational Engine. There is an official Client available from SAP but only fpr regsieterd SAp users.

Question is: Doas someone have made successfull connection two SAP Data Lake by using cdata drivers and can explain how two configure the driver settings ?


Thnaks in advance 


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6 replies

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Hi @Ruppie,

Thank you for raising your question here. We ran some tests with a similar trial instance for SAP Hana Cloud Data Lake and it does look like something is preventing the connection from being established when using the CData SAP Hana connector. At this point, I am not sure that the SAP Hana driver can support this kind of instance at this time, but we will be sure to investigate further. 


After searching a bit around I came across the following resources from SAP which seems to indicate that it is possible to make a connection via JDBC to the Data Lake Relational Engine: 

What caught my attention in the steps above is that the JDBC driver being used in this tutorial is an JDBC driver for SQLAnywhere which can be noticed from the connection string provided. With this information in mind I went ahead and attempted to connect to the trial SAP Data Lake instance via our SybaseIQ driver (which supports SQLAnywhere connections as well) and actually managed to establish a successful connection.



Now, I am not fully confident if this approach would help you accomplish what you need but if you want to give this a try I can certainly point you in the right direction. For this, you would first need a newer version of the CData SybaseIQ connector as we have just recently added support for SQLAnywhere instances with SSL support and this is not reflected in the website builds as of yet.


I would recommend you submit a support ticket or reach out to the support team at and ask for an updated version of the CData connector for SybaseIQ so that we can further assist you.




many thanks for the good work.

I have downloaded driver for SYBASE IQ Build 23.0.8839 and was not able two establish connection

Connection Type option as shown in your screen is not present inmy version, so i can not add SQL Anywhere extension,

I alway got an error message invalid socket ?!


Thnks again for the helping hand,


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Hi @Ruppie 

As mentioned in the above post, you will need an updated version of the Sybase IQ connector and I can only provide that via email support. Kindly raise a ticket in support or reach out to and we will follow up with the newest version.


Hello Ethem,

i have send a request about  downloadlink for updated version as well as in the private message 

as well as an seperate mail to the support department ;-)



With the updated driver i got from you it works as decribed

I was able two read at least the database schema.

Have two cross check it with ordinary DB client but it looks fien so far ;-)

Again: Many thanks for the professional rapid help ;-) 

Will report about small sample projekt when done .

Note: Is it allowed two foreward “special version of driver” two other colleaues or ist it currentyl an unifically version you don’t wan’ to publish to other ;-)



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Hi @Ruppie 

Glad to hear that you managed to connect successfully. Regarding your inquiry feel free to have your other colleagues test with the CData SybaseIQ driver. They should be able to activate a 30-day trial once they install it.

Also, I can confirm this is a stable version, it’s just that the changes have been made only recently. The updated version will normally be published with the next website release.

Let us know if there is anything else we can help with.