How to update columns for SSIS oData source

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We are a new CData user, connecting Acumatica oData as the source to SQL Server OLE DB destination.  It works great for the initial configuration of the data flow, but we often change the underlying Acumatica query (i.e. add columns). I can’t seem to find a way to refresh the available columns in the CDdata Acumatica Source Editor screen.  If I click the preview button, the new columns appear there correctly with data, but how are the columns added to the Columns node of the Editor screen? 


Along those lines, is there a way to refresh the list of available Generic Inquiries for new oData sources?  The first time you log into Visual Studio the list of available inquiries refreshes, but after that I have to just use the Advanced Editor and hand-write the name of the query. 


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Thank you for reaching out. If newly added columns are not appearing on the selected table, it is likely because the old metadata for the table is cached. To reset the cache and display new columns, please right click the CData Acumatica Source task and select Show Advanced Editor. On the window that appears, select the Refresh button, and then press OK to reset the schema cache.

Alternatively, running 'RESET SCHEMA CACHE' as a query will also reset the schema cache.

If the issue persists, could you please explain more about the issue you are facing? Screenshots of any relevant tasks would be helpful as well.

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@Elizabeth G  thanks so much for commenting.  I believe that’s exactly what we needed!