Issue With Cadata Excel Connection On New 2019 SQL Server

  • 17 August 2023
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Current servers are running with SQL 2016 version and in these servers we have CData.SSIS.Excel  (18.0.6705) with 2018 version. This Cdata version is running fine in current server.

In the new server which is running on SQL 2019 version, we cannot install this version, so we installed a updated version(22.0.8509) .


Below steps are getting performed for package migration from 2016 to 2019: 

We are converting the solution configuration from 2016 to 2019 and build the solution and deploy the solution to 2019 server.


Error That we are getting in package : which was earlier using CData.SSIS.Excel  (18.0.6705) on sql 2016  and now using updated version(22.0.8509) on 2019 SQL server. When we opened the package on new 2019 server, we could not able see the cdata excel connection manager there. So we have to manually create a connection manager, select connection manager on source and deploying the package. What we are looking for is there a way , all these package can run on 2019 sql server without modifying the package.  


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Hi @varunsharma13,


Your case has been handled by our support team. It seems like what fixed the issue was:

  1. Reinstalling the tool in the new development server with the SQL Server Versions 2016, 2019 and 2022 enabled in the installer; and
  2. Doing the package conversion to 2019 after reinstalling the tool with those options enabled.

Also, just a quick note, it is important that you have the same version of our component both in the development server and in the corresponding production server in order to avoid potential errors.