NetSuite SSIS connector issue

  • 1 June 2024
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I am creating a simple ETL package in Visual Studio 2022. I have a data flow using Cdata DataSource, and an OLE DB as the destination. I open the cdata netsuite source editor, select the transaction via and hit ok and visual studio just sits there and hangs. 


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Hi @TheDataDevs,

If I am understanding correctly, your issue is with SSIS hanging when previewing data from the Transaction table, is that right?  I am assuming you are using the SuiteQL schema however from a quick test on our side with both SuiteQL and SuiteTalk, we are not seeing any issues when drawing data from the Transaction/Transactions table with the NetSuite SSIS Components. I would like to point out that NetSuite is generally slow to our experience so it might take a few minutes to fetch data from the Transaction table especially when having many records. At this point, it is important to understand if the issue you are experiencing is just slowness in getting data back or you are unable to get data even after waiting for a considerable time.

With that being said, can you please respond to the following questions?

  • Have you tried waiting for the operation to finish? If so, does it throw a timeout error at some point?
  • What are the loading times that you are expecting here?
  • Does Visual Studio just hang or are you seeing any crashes eventually?

Once we know more about the above points, we can get a clear picture of what is happening for you and further help you troubleshoot the problem.


In case you believe the waiting time is not normal you can try enabling logging by setting the Logfile and the Verbosity properties in the connection manager and take a look at the loading times that are being logged for when the request for the NetSuite transactions is being completed. To generate the log simply set Verbosity=3 and Logfile to a path of your choice where the log will be written to ( e.x Logfile=C:/Users/User/Public/CDataLog.txt). If you are unable to read the log or need help from our support team, you can submit a support ticket here or reach out to them at