Not able to get the NodeId of Linux Machine

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We need to request for transfer of the license from one machine to another, for that we need to get the NodeId of both the machine, the new machine is Linux where we need to transfer the license, as per the Cdata tool to get the NodeId :- we can get the NodeId from windows system, but it this tool is not working for Linux system, we also tried ‘Wine’ to run this .exe but we did not got the NodeId, can anybody suggest how to get the NodeId from Linux system.

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Could you please explain which edition (JDBC, ODBC, etc.) you are using, as different editions have different methods for obtaining the Node Id? A few methods for common editions are provided below.

In the terminal, navigate to the connector's .jar file and run:
java -jar cdata.jdbc.<driver>.jar -n 

In the terminal, navigate to the connector's /bin folder and run:
./ -n 

Note that you may instead need to use the command:
./install-license.x64 -n

In the terminal, navigate to the connector's .jar file and run:
java -jar cdata.tableau.<driver>.jar -n

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Thanks Elizabeth,

The JDBC solution:- “java -jar cdata.jdbc.<driver>.jar -n” worked for us and we can see the NodeId.

Do we need to run “./install-license.x64 -n” command after getting the NodeId or is it ok to use the NodeId directly? Because we don't see the “install-license.x64” file in the Cdata installed directory, please clarify...

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That's great to hear that the JDBC command worked for you. You should now be able to use the Node Id directly in the license transfer request form. The command "./install-licnese.x64 -n" would only be usable if you'd installed an ODBC driver, just as the command "java -jar cdata.jdbc.<driver>.jar -n" is only usable if you've got a JDBC driver. Both will show the Node Id, but will just work on different editions (ODBC vs JDBC).

Please let me know if any further explanation is needed.