Power Automate to Update Snowflake Data table from SharePoint list

  • 8 January 2024
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I’m wondering if there’s a way to leverage Power Automate to automatically update data tables within Snowflake every time a sharepoint list is updated?


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From your inquiry it looks like you want to automate a process so that every time your Sharepoint Lists get updated the changed data will be transferred in a destination Snowflake database is that right? 

While we do have solutions that allow you to connect to both Sharepoint and Snowflake in Power Automate, I am not immediately sure if you can accomplish what you are looking for. My understanding is that, your flow would consist in 2 parts, one part would be responsible for triggering the flow when a column or item is modified in Sharepoint whereas the other part would require to get those changes and push them to Snowflake. Based on some research it seems you can achieve the first part within PowerAutomate itself: 


As for the second part you can make use of our Connect Cloud solution in order to create a connection to Snowflake and connect to Power Automate as displayed here: 

My assumption would be that you should be able to push the changes into Snowflake by making use of the above however we don't have much expertise with Power Automate and have not tested a similar use case before, so you will need to explore this option on your own if Power Automate is a critical component for you. We would be happy to assist you with making a connection to Snowflake in Connect Cloud however. You can sign up for a trial here: 


Returning to your end goal, if Power Automate is not critical for you we do have several alternative solutions you might want to explore:


  • CData Sync - Our own ETL application, CData Sync (, would be the perfect fit for this use case. You can easily create jobs in Sync and use it to schedule replication jobs from Sharepoint into Snowflake.You can refer to our documentation on ETL capabilities. 


  • CData SSIS Components - The CData SSIS Components allow you to create SSIS packages that you can build in Visual Studio to connect with your data source through SSIS workflows. With the SSIS components, you should be able to easily map data from a Source component to a Destination component and vice-versa to transfer data, and even be able to perform transformations on the data as well. You can easily perform INSERT, UPDATE, UPSERT, DELETE operations using the Destination component. Normally this would require some familiarity with ETL packages. You might want to download a 30 day trial for both Sharepoint and Snowflake below in order to give it a try: 


If you have any further questions regarding our offerings please submit a ticket here or reach out to the support team at and we would be happy to assist you.