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  • 24 January 2024
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I upgraded the Salesforce JDBC  driver from version 21 to 23.

There is a difference in behavior between the 2 versions :


I execute this query and get different results: 

SELECT User.Name FROM User 

On version 23:

  "Name": "Carmel"


On version 21:


Is this the expected behavior? Is there a fix for it?



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Hi @carmel.ron 

What you are seeing is not the default behavior of the JDBC driver for Salesforce however this could happen when changing the configuration settings on how to represent certain columns. To be more specific, you can get the data for the Name column in JSON format when setting the following hidden connection properties in Other:



Can you confirm if you have set these properties in your connection configuration?

Either way, if you don't want to get the data for these type of columns in JSON format you can set the AggregateCompoundFieldsFormat to NONE as below:



In case that making these changes does not change the behavior we might need to investigate further on the matter. Feel free to reach out to our support team at support@cdata.con or submit a support ticket here.