Syncing ASP.NET CData Driver Versions Between Multiple Developers

  • 8 December 2023
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Hello! I work for an ETL service that builds some of its connectors based on CData drivers. We now have multiple developers trying to work on these connectors, some of which were built based on older CData drivers. However, when a new developer downloads the latest driver, it causes incompatibility issues if there have been major changes. Is there any tool for version control for CData drivers that is available? Is there another solution that can solve this problem? Is there any way to download older versions of the drivers? Thanks!


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Hi @dean.roeser 

Usually, we have a separate OEM Partners program for the partners who Embed our drivers in their solutions where we offer periodic updates to them keeping backwards compatibility in mind so that they don’t have any breaking changes. Are you part of CData OEM program?

If not, we’d like to understand how you use CData Drivers to assist you here.