Token Bearer recovery problem by script

  • 6 March 2024
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Hello everyone ,

I am trying to retrieve a Bearer Token with the GET Bearer Token script on ARC script connector :


Below is my script :

<arc:set attr="http.URL"      value="" />
<arc:set attr="http.postdata" value='{"password":"XXXXXXX=","username":"sb-21f210cb-9a40-44f8-a78f-c23d13ceec27!b185659|it-rt-prodautok!b117912"}' />
<arc:call op="httpPost" in="http" out="response">
  <!-- Pass in the json response that contains the token to jsonOpen. -->
  <arc:set attr="token.text" value="[http:content]" />
  <arc:call op="jsonOpen" in="token" out="handle">
    <!-- Call jsonDOMGet with the handle that was obtained from jsonOpen. -->
    <arc:set attr="json.handle"    value="[handle.handle]" />
    <arc:set attr="" value="/json/access_token" />
    <arc:call op="jsonDOMGet" in="json" out="result" >
      <!-- Set the token as a "token" header on the output message. -->
      <arc:set attr="output.header:token" value="[result.token]" />
<!-- Push out the original input file. -->
<arc:set attr="output.filepath" value="[filepath]" />
<arc:push item="output" />


1-When I send a message, I get an error:

401 unauthorized.

I checked URL and password and they are good (I tested on POSTMAN with)


2-Does anyone have a solution or has anyone had this problem before?


Best regards

1 reply

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Hi Alex,


Could you please verify the username and password entered? They appear to be misplaced here; I assume.

<arc:set attr="http.postdata" value='{"password":"XXXXXXX=","username":"sb-21f210cb-9a40-44f8-a78f-c23d13ceec27!b185659|it-rt-prodautok!b117912"}' />


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