🌟 CData Experts at Workday Rising 2023: Let's Discuss the Future of Work and Innovation! 🌟

  • 7 September 2023
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Hey CData Community,

We're excited to share that our experts will be attending the Workday Rising event on September 26–29 in San Francisco, California. This event promises to be a fantastic mix of innovation, community, and hands-on experience, all centered around AI and machine learning.


📍 Where: Moscone Center, San Francisco, California
📆 When: September 26–29, 2023
🌐 How: In Person and Digital



Why Should You Care?

1️⃣ AI and ML in the Workplace: Discover how AI and machine learning are revolutionizing the workspace in powerful, responsible ways.

2️⃣ Networking: Meet and connect with an incredible community of customers and partners.

3️⃣ Inspirational Talks: The welcome keynote will feature James Cameron discussing the role of emerging technologies in the future of moviemaking.


🤔 We Want to Hear From You!

  • Are you planning on attending Workday Rising?
  • What topics are you excited to explore or learn more about?
  • How do you envision AI and ML shaping the future of work?

Let’s kick-start this conversation and get excited about what the future holds!

Looking forward to your thoughts and insights! 😊

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