Exciting News: CData Welcomes Data Virtuality to Our Family! 

  • 4 April 2024
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Exciting News: CData Welcomes Data Virtuality to Our Family! 

🌟 We're excited to share an announcement with all of you, our valued Community members. CData Software has officially acquired Data Virtuality, marking a major milestone in our mission to modernize data management for enterprises like never before.  

Data Virtuality brings an enterprise-scale data virtualization platform, enabling unparalleled access to live data across the business landscape. This is not just an acquisition; it is the beginning of a new era for us at CData and our customers worldwide. 

Why Join Forces with Data Virtuality? 🤔 

  • Powerful Data Connectivity, Integration, and Virtualization Capabilities: Adding Data Virtuality's powerful platform to the CData product portfolio means we now offer a complete suite of replication and live access tools. Whether you are operating on-premises, in the cloud, or within a hybrid tech stack, we got you covered. 

  • Enterprise-Grade Solutions: With Data Virtuality's expertise, we are enhancing our support for organization-wide access to live data, ensuring your data virtualization and integration needs are not just met, but exceeded. 

  • Global Impact: Headquartered in Leipzig, Germany with offices worldwide, Data Virtuality is a key player in the data integration market, serving global enterprise brands. By combining forces, CData and Data Virtuality are amplifying our joint commitment to supporting enterprises at every scale, everywhere. 

What's Next? 🚀 

We are on a mission to accelerate data virtualization and integration initiatives for companies at every stage of their data journey. The future is incredibly bright, and we are excited for what is to come. 

Engage with Us! 💬 

  • What are your thoughts on data virtualization? 

  • Any specific challenges you are facing that you hope our enhanced enterprise-level data management solutions will address? 


Let us make this a vibrant discussion! Your insights and challenges drive us to innovate and provide solutions that matter. Together, we are not just navigating the future of data management; we are shaping it. 

Thank You 🙏 

A huge thank you to everyone in our community. Your support, feedback, and engagement are what make us better every day. Here to many more milestones together! 


1 reply

First of all, congratulations on your decision to acquire Data Virtuality.
I am the CEO of a Data virtuality distributor company in South Korea.

At the end of last year, it was introduced to Korea by an agreement with the Data Virtuality headquarters in Germany. We have been watching Data Virtuality products for several years and compared them with other famous companies' products, but we decided to introduce this product to Korea because we judged that the characteristics of Data Virtuality products were superior to other virtualized products. It was regrettable that it was not well-known compared to the relatively superior product in all aspects, but the data integration and virtualization market is expected to change rapidly due to the acquisition of CDATA.

In the future, the biggest topic in the Data Lake market is how to easily bring data integration. There is a lot of talk about how data virtualization will be an alternative, but I believe that Data Virtuality will be a definite alternative compared to existing products.

Unlike virtualization products in general cache areas, Data Virtuality also provides ETL and CDC. According to what we tested and verified the performance, the performance and technology were excellent. If a high-performance in-memory DB was linked here as a repository DB, its stability and performance were unimaginable.

If CDATA's capital and technology are combined with this wonderful product, we can and believe that it will make a huge splash in the data virtualization and data lake markets in the future.