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  • 18 January 2024
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Quickbooks - ODBC call is failing when trying to update a column using a Passthrough query in MS Access. It appears to only fail when there are multiple records to update. Works fine with a single record.


SQL string looks like this:

UPDATE SalesReceipts

SET DepositAccount = ‘Checking’

WHERE Date=’2024-01-01’;

Persistent connection is ENABLED




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Hi @Kevin 

From a quick test on our side, this issue cannot be reproduced with the latest version of the driver. Can you please clarify what version of the ODBC driver for Quickbooks are you using?  


In case you have downloaded the latest version of the Quickbooks connector and are still seeing this issue when Updating the SalesReceipt table there might be more to this issue so in order to uncover the cause we will need you to reach out to the support team and provide a driver logfile with verbosity 3. To enable logging, set the Verbosity connection property to 3 and the Logfile property to a local path in your machine where the log will be generated (ex Logfile=C:/Users/User/Documents/CDataLogs) to once the error is reproduced.


Feel free to reach out at or submit a support ticket here  with the details of the issue.