Compare the Permissions for Roles in NetSuite

  • 1 November 2023
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When setting up a role in NetSuite to authenticate connections, the permissions set for that role will impact the data that is able to be retrieved. In certain circumstances, one role in a company may be able to connect to data that another role seemingly cannot connect to. When that happens, it may be useful to compare the permissions that are set for those two roles. 


To do this, you first need to sign into the NetSuite UI and go to Setup --> Users/Roles --> Show Role Differences, as shown in the image below: 





Then you will be able to select the Base Role and the Role to compare it to, as shown below: 




After selecting the two roles to compare, you can press the ‘Show’ button to review the differences. The differences in the permissions for the roles will be shown in the resulting table, as shown below: 



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