Which data sources support DirectQuery mode in Power BI?

  • 27 June 2024
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Repeatedly, customers have raised inquiries regarding the compatibility of Power BI's direct query mode with various data sources. They seek clarification on which this feature supports specific data sources. 

Here is a sample image for reference: 


Answer to this question is that the support for direct query mode in Power BI (Business Intelligence) is determined by Microsoft rather than CData. To ascertain which data sources are compatible with direct query mode, it is advisable to refer to the provided link from Microsoft's official documentation. This resource will offer comprehensive information regarding the supported data sources for direct query functionality within Power BI. 


Choose the data source relevant to your specific use case. If you find "DirectQuery" listed under the "Capabilities Supported" section for that data source, it indicates that the data source supports the Direct Query method. 

For example, if you are utilizing SQL Server as your data source, referencing the provided image and link confirms that Direct Query mode is indeed supported for SQL Server. 





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