CData Connect Cloud Newsletter - Q1 2023

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CData Connect Cloud Newsletter - Q1 2023

CData Connect Cloud Newsletter

We’re happy that you’ve chosen CData Connect Cloud for your real-time cloud data connectivity needs. In this inaugural issue of the CData Connect Cloud newsletter, we’d like to share some new and notable features in the product, tips to help you get the most out of your investment, and see what other Connect Cloud customers are saying!

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CData and IBM Cognos Analytics are teaming up! 

CData has partnered with IBM®️ Cognos®️ Analytics to bring Data Connectivity-as-a-Service to Cognos users with CData Connect Cloud. Learn how to supercharge your analytics with CData and IBM Cognos Analytics in our latest webinar.
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Latest driver updates

New data sources:
•    Azure Data Lake Storage
•    SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)
•    eBay
•    Epicor ERP
•    GitHub
•    Google Spanner
•    Google Ad Manager
•    MariaDB
•    Microsoft Planner

New client tools supported:
•    IBM Cognos Analytics
•    Microsoft SQL Server PolyBase
•    SQL Server (Linked Server)

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Quick tip of the quarter

Saving a Query
Data Explorer provides the ability to save queries and return to them later without the need to re-enter the query parameters each time.

After you create and execute a query, follow these steps to save a query and access it later:
1. Click Save to open the Save Query modal.
2. Enter a name for the query and click Confirm.
3. The Data Explorer Saved Queries menu opens, and your newly saved query appears in the list.

Using Saved Queries
Saved queries are available in the Saved Queries folder in the Data Explorer pane. To execute a saved query, click the three dots next to the saved query name and select Query. The contents query populate in the Query Editor, and you can click Execute to retrieve the results.


Some feedback we’ve gotten from you:

“Data integration is hard…it requires a lot of experience to make a solution work…CData is doing just that with Connect Cloud.”
– Bill Quinn, Markival CEO

“CData Connect Cloud gave us an affordable connector tool with great support.”
– Karan Choudhary, Sesa Care E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Manager

“Before Connect Cloud, it took multiple people a full day to manually collect the data. Now it’s just a click of a button.”
– Ali Moran, MyCoach Sport Data Analyst



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